You Chromebook [Google for Education]
Educators see the PC as a real computer. But it’s a real computer designed for another era. A real big computer in the corner of a classroom, shared by 25 students. A real computer that takes ten minutes to boot up, slows down class and only helps with a fraction of the school day. However, Chromebooks are a real computer for the way we teach, learn, share and live today. Simple and versatile, they are redefining the world of education.

Our goal was to improve Chromebook brand preference among ITDMs within K-12 school during the “buying season” selling period. With barely any budget and no time, we needed to find a quick and impactful way to shift perceptions of both the decision-maker and educator that Chromebooks are not just easy and affordable, but versatile and impactful as well. By using found footage and existing photography, we were able to create a dynamic, fun and cohesive set of assets that the team could disseminate quickly and easily through the standard social media channels.

Video production: Brand New School