In 2022, $14.5 billion company PerkinElmer divested to focus on life science and diagnostics. It was a pivotal opportunity to codify their identity as a category-of-one brand, and reinforce their extraordinary impact on a global stage. Their remarkable legacy spoke for itself: Providing workflows to test +75 million people for COVID-19, as well as screening 167 million babies for life-threatening diseases around the world (and saving the lives of 75 babies a day) are two shining achievements.

Our challenge was to codify the core truth that made it possible: a team of passionate experts, unafraid to take on the world’s greatest health challenges. Undaunted by the undoable became their brand purpose. This idea captures an essential, differentiating truth about the brand: They are fearless in the face of complexity and uncertainty. Unafraid to eliminate obstacles that stand in the way. Inspired by what seems impossible.

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