Google Cloud Next ’18
Next is Google Cloud’s global exhibition of inspiration, innovation and education. Taking place in San Francisco, London and Tokyo, audiences can discover how product innovation, open source, ML and AI can propel enterprises big and small forward and solve the problems that impact all of us. Because the cloud for everyone is made here. Together.

VSA partnered with the Google Cloud brand team to help develop a visual identity to bring this festival-like event to life. What we developed was a modular, ever-changing identity system – just like cloud technology itself. However, we needed to make sure that the audience understood this was a Google Cloud event, so we incorporated the Google Cloud symbol (the “Super Cloud”) right into the logo. In fact, we used the Super Cloud as our foundation to build all of our letterforms, focusing on balancing weight, spacing and padding. In addition, we used a super-simple, yet ultra-flexible grid system allowing us to scale and rearrange elements to create a plethora of dynamic compositions.

Animations: David Dodge
Photography (just the really beautiful ones): Mark Wickens
Mural Illustration: Nigel Sussman

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.17.10 AMScreen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.17.10 AM

OOH & Awareness 
The first Next event was in San Francisco, where we hit up SFO, billboards and lobbies throughout the city and even painted a large-scale mural downtown. Headlines and layouts purposefully remained simple, straightforward – a small wink of charm came through in the writing, while the layouts themselves were colorful and energetic. Motion was used wherever we could get away with it.

Artboard 1Artboard 1

At the event 
We were also lucky enough to help create some of the applications inside and outside of the Moscone Center, from large-scale building wraps and wallscapes, to sweating the small stuff like sign-in screens, name badges, posters and t-shirts. 

Artboard 1 copyArtboard 1 copy
Artboard 1 copy 2Artboard 1 copy 2
Artboard 1 copy 3Artboard 1 copy 3

Experiential extras 
The super-talented and amazing events agency, Sparks, took our visual identity and created a beautiful experience throughout the three days. Below are just a few images showing off their great work, built around the brand expression that we created. Even though VSA didn’t create this work, it was exciting to see another agency expand the system in the physical space itself.