Google Cloud Identity
Google Cloud offers businesses the same powerful tools and services that Google uses internally (like G Suite, Maps, Chrome, developer tools, data analytics and Machine Learning) allowing them to build, grow and scale for the modern world. 

When VSA partnered with the Google Cloud Brand Team, we wanted to build equity in Cloud, but stay true to the founding expression of Google's core brand. So we developed a mark that could stand alone and telegraph two things instantly: Google and Cloud. The final design (dubbed the Super Cloud) feels like it's always been a part of the family.


Identity System 
Beyond an icon, we needed an expression system that could feel consistent and recognizable, but flex across a wide range of topics, products, and audiences. With the Super Cloud as its anchor point, we developed a visual framework that allows voice and tone to shift within a cohesive system that always feels like Google Cloud. This grid system flexes across websites, to large-format posters, to the teeniest-tiniest banner ads.