IBM 2015 Annual Report

At times of deep change, IBM knows how to make big bets. This was true when they ushered in the era of tabulation. This was true when they pioneered the era of transacational computing. And it's true now; artificial intelligence–combined with the foundations that the company has built over the decades–is ushering in the new era Cognitive Business. 

To make such a bold and progressive statement, IBM wanted to signal a shift by making their 2015 Annual Report an immersive, digital-first experience that felt like a different type of company. By showcasing all of their exciting partnerships and projects (over 150 of them), IBM proved that it's not only a company integral to the future of business, but one that will help shape it as well.


By stripping down the design to its purest forms and elements (black/white with helvetica) whenever possible, we were able to create a sophisticated and engaging visual thread that unified the large variety of content and assets we had to work with. With some slick animations, alongside data graphics and photography, we were able to engage viewers to dive into the 150+ stories of the year. 

Below is a collection of looping animations that were created for the stories.