?What If! Innovation Partners
“The ideal innovator is Captain one minute, Pirate the next.”

For 20 years, ?What If! has invented new products, brands, services, and business models for some of the most successful and forward-thinking companies. Our job was not to redesign ?What If! from the ground up (no touching the logo), but to update the current visuals to feel more fresh and modern. We pushed the shorthand version of the company–“?!”–to live up to its name. What if… ANYTHING!

Where the official logo becomes a more grounded visual for the company, we developed new “rogue” elements that could be used to add a bit of surprise and fun for the client deliverables. They can take on an endless array of forms and materials, and reinforce the brand by bringing a sense of optimism, inspiration and possibility to the wide variety of projects that ?What If! works on.


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