U.S.A (Ultra Stylized Abstraction)
A fun exercise in distilling the U.S. state borders down into simple 45- and 90-degree angles, while retaining the integrity of the actual map.

Artboard 1-8Artboard 1-8

Capital New York
What if Metro-North, the Long Island Rail Road, and New Jersey Transit were all harmoniously linked together, along with the New York City Subway? Capital New York asked if I would help envision what this "dream map" might look like for their February 2014 issue. 

This article perfectly timed up with the Meadowlands hosting Super Bowl XLVIII, which wouldn't come close to supporting enough parking spaces if everyone decided to drive. The MTA announced that it had created, “for the first time, a special Regional Transit Diagram.” Politics and in-fighting aside, this unified system could actually be a reality; with benefits for commuters, travelers, and all agencies involved.


Cushman Wakefield
Custom maps that straddle a slightly proprietary look, but more importantly highlights specific details about the Northeast region that viewers in real estate might find useful – this includes main highways and roads, public transportation, airports, parks and sporting arenas.