Nike #StayFly (Concept)
The current situation in cities like Chicago are consistently negative in tone – race, politics, socio-economic issues, education and violence are all front and center. We believe Nike can play a valuable role in shaping a counter-narrative for cities and their youth.

That's why Nike wants you to #stayfly. What does that mean? In one context it's about continuing to work hard and keep soaring. In another way, Nike wants you to keep being you: Being true to yourself = Being an original = Being Fly.  

Nike will dispatch a fleet of their custom, new Sports Facility Vehicles, delivering much-needed equipment to designated neighborhoods, schools and parks around Chicago that don't have the resources to provide the upkeep. With a little buzz, we're hoping kids cross neighborhood lines to join in the fun. Using social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, athletes can stay updated on which sports will be located where, and at what time. Using a bold, color-coded system, they can easily find what they're looking for. The entire digital experience is energetic, youthful and made for social media. As added incentives, we will "Nike-ify" young athletes by photographing breakout stars and consistent members, giving away swag and posting mini-stories on the social news feeds. #StayFly